3-Day Online Marketing & Sales Workshop for Women Who Sell High-Ticket Coaching, Courses, Memberships, and Masterminds

Ready to sell out your high-ticket offers like a total boss? 

  Skip the hardest part of breaking through to massive money months & consistent leads + sales and lean on a
proven, repeatable framework you can implement in just 3 days
In just 3 days, you’ll understand exactly how to launch and scale your high-ticket offers to bring in 
consistent sales using my proven Unstoppable Success Methodology… and finish off with a clear plan you can implement ASAP!
  • For $XXXXX
    coaches, course & membership creators, and mastermind hosts
  • In just XX


3-Day Online Marketing & Sales Workshop for Women Who Sell High-Ticket Coaching, Courses, Memberships, and Masterminds

Ready to sell your high-ticket offers 
like a total boss? 

Skip the hardest part of breaking through to
consistent sales and lean on a proven, repeatable
 framework you can implement in just 3 days
In just 3 days, you’ll understand exactly how to launch and scale your high-ticket offers to bring in consistent sales using my proven Unstoppable Success Methodology… and finish off with a clear plan you can implement ASAP!
  • For $XXXXX
    coaches, course & membership creators, and mastermind hosts
  • In just XX


Breaking Through to Your Next Level of Impact & Income Just Got a Whole Lot Easier...

Struggling to break into your ideal monthly revenue on a consistent basis?

I get it. And the fact is, most women coaches use the strategy of “try enough stuff and hope something works”, or “work harder and longer until I get better results”.

Before I finally hit multi-millions in my own online coaching business — that was absolutely me. In other words, I feel you! 

In fact, just 5 years ago I felt like I was on an exhausting hamster wheel of:
  • Free discovery sessions that went nowhere but ate up almost all of my time
  • Fleeting moments of hope when prospects finally did say yes or buy my programs…immediately followed by anxiety that they would change their minds
  • And busy-work tasks that I didn’t want to do and barely moved the needle in my business
What I found was that DOING more of the same kept GETTING me more of the same — and quick fixes like simply raising my prices and posting more on social media weren’t enough to bring me my ideal revenue consistently.

What did help me break through to the next level of impact and income was taking a risk on myself and changing my entire mindset, approach, and framework around my business…
The system I’m sharing with you is the same one that’s helped other women generate more than $41 million dollars over the last few years…

And it’s a proven system that draws together the disciplines of sales, marketing, and positive psychology into a step-by-step roadmap for success that's SIMPLE to follow - and actually gets results. 

When you have that roadmap, your business looks like...

  • Closing sales calls without taking objections personally — or even letting them get in the way of mutually aligned contracts with new, amazing energy, high-ticket clients
  • Forever ditching the “post and pray” method so that your paid campaigns and social strategy are set up to convert
  • Writing copy and content that hits a nerve with your ideal clients and makes them take (excited, ready-to-buy) action 
  • Creating a strong, intentional, and passionate community around your brand who will buy anything you sell 
  • And even getting rid of offers, courses, and day-to-day tasks that drain your energy
It also looks like having an abundance mindset, and getting into the energy of the results you want to receive, which is why I’m sharing my methodology with you without ANY fear that there’s “not enough” business to go around. 

In fact, I want nothing more than for YOU to use this system, too… because I know it really works. 

That’s why for a limited time, I’m unlocking the instant access recording of my most-requested sales and marketing workshop, Skyrocket Your Sales...

In the recording of this 3-Day Immersion Workshop, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to grow your coaching business online in 2022. For the first time ever outside of my high level courses, masterminds and mentorships (which are valued at $1k-120k), I’m revealing the exact systems that are working for us, and our clients. 


In just 3 days (or faster if you want to binge watch! 🤪), you’ll understand these two essential keys for consistent high-ticket sales:

1). Total clarity and understanding of the inner workings of a multi million dollar online coaching empire, along with the proven methodology that will help you grow your influence, sales, and self. 


2). A tangible plan you can implement before the year is up. I’ll show you how to develop this inside of the 3-day workshop.

The fact is, after helping other women coaches create more than $41 million dollars in the last few years, and building a multi-million dollar online coaching business myself, I know how challenging it is, AND how worth it it is too. 

I also know it’s possible for you… and it’s available for you.

My clients and I have proven it.

Here are some of the women coaches we’ve helped 
go from stuck to unstoppable…

Here are some of the women coaches we’ve helped go from stuck to unstoppable…

Here’s your schedule for the next three days…



  • Why generosity is not just a core value of our company and a key personal value of mine - but an ESSENTIAL part of your digital marketing strategy for 2022 which means you will stand out from the sea of other coaches trying to make it online
  • How to build a simple social media content strategy which allows you to create 30 days of content in 3 hours so you never have “content fear” again and you can get super consistent showing up for your audience
  • The no-brainer generosity marketing and sales process which personalises every part of your customer journey making you the go-to person in your niche
  • Exactly where you must up-level your consistency, and how to do this without getting overwhelmed, so you can be front of mind when it’s time for your audience to buy
  • The 3-Part Trust Framework which takes you from craving more leads to being able to sign more clients, and increase the lifetime value of your customer too
  • Proven email sequence structure and templates to warm up your ideal clients so they are ready to buy (doing it this way means you increase your conversions across the board, on your webinars, challenges, sales pages, sale calls…)
  • How to use the OGF Method to cut through the noise and develop a signature client acquisition process which move you out of “try enough stuff and something has to work” thinking
  • Why taking responsibility is going to make you a better coach, and how you can use the CAB Expansion Framework to get bigger growth and better results in your business
By the end of Day 1 you’ll know exactly how you can build the know, like & trust factor online to create raving fans, and set up your sales process with a solid foundation from which to scale. 



  • Understand exactly how to position yourself and your services so you can become irresistible to your ideal clients and grow an audience that relates to you.
  • Know what content types to share when, and how to communicate your offers so they actually sell
  • Discover the FLOW Timing Marketing Method which teaches how to make calls to action that actually convert to sales
  • The proven copywriting framework which breaks down how to write effective organic (and paid) marketing posts which take your client on a journey and magnetize them towards you, your brand and your offers.
  • The difference between working so hard to get followers, or building a strong, aligned community, who will buy anything you sell… and the steps to take to actually make that happen (these secrets will transform the growth of your coaching business this year)
  • What to share with your audience to deepen the bond with your community - and why sometimes this step if not done correctly can scare people off and makes them freeze their business growth
  • What the science of Positive Psychology can teach us about sales - and why this is fundamental to your growth in 2022
  • How to become an Unstoppable Coaching Queen using my Matchmaker Scaling System (my clients literally refer to me as “Niyc the matchmaker” - even though I have NOTHING to do with the dating world! lol!)
  • Plus, a tonne of bonus videos walking you through each framework specifically so know know how to practically implement connection into your business
By the end of Day 2 you’ll understand exactly how connection works as a digital marketing strategy, and you’ll be able to map out the plan to get your copy converting like never before. 



  • Setting yourself up for success and knowing what products & programs to launch when, meaning you have a profitable and scalable business model that is also simple and enjoyable too
  • How to amplify what’s working well in your business, and leverage every step of the way, to gain momentum and multiply your success using my Double D Momentum Method
  • The sales psychology you must know so you can shorten the time it takes for your ideal clients to buy from you
  • Why building systems is instrumental to your success - and which systems to build in your personal life and in your business to get the best results
  • The mindsets and structures to lead high converting sales calls with my 5-Step HTSWS method
  • My famous Nail It & Scale It Framework - this has helped hundreds of women coaches shift gears so they can build their business using a proven repeatable sequence
  • Plus, everything you need to know to plan your 2022 growth trajectory in your coaching business.
By the end of Day 3 , you’re going to discover how to close more sales more of the time and be able to scale your coaching business without getting stuck on the phone or working more hours. 



  • Walking you through the inside of my multi million business and what is working NOW when it comes to funnels
  • Showing you the most effective application of my method, no matter what stage of growth you are at in your coaching business
  • Making sure you don’t get stuck spinning your wheels making the tech and funnel mistakes I see so many women coaches making
  • How to simplify your funnel build so you actually love the process, as well as the results
  • Where DMs fit into your funnel process, and how to use this strategy without spending all day in your inbox (because you want to build a business, not give yourself a job)
  • How to know if a webinar is the right funnel for your business - and exactly how to set up this funnel step-by-step
  • The strategy for launching a free or paid challenge group that grows your audience and converts to 5-figures, 6-figures, or 7-figures in sales.
By the end of this bonus implementation workshop, I’m going to show you how to structure and actually build a sales funnel that is going to grow your audience, build awareness and affinity, and help you sign more clients, both now, and in the long run. 



  • Supporting you to understand how to put the Generosity Marketing Method into action in your coaching business so you can both learn this method, and actually use it to grow
  • Lasering in on your specific goal so you know which piece to implement first, based on your phase of growth
  • Helping you see beyond this month with a strategic plan to get your coaching business accelerating in 2022 like never before
  • The exact template you can use to get out of overwhelm and know what to focus on each day in the areas of generosity, connection, and growth
  • Plus… I’m gifting you with some really epic bonuses so you can fast-track your growth and get ahead
By the end of this bonus implementation workshop, I’ll make sure you walk away with the step-by-step strategy, exact next steps, and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to put this method into action effectively in your coaching business.

The results from this workshop speak for themselves!

If you want to “crack the code” to consistent 
high-ticket sales AND feel confident doing it, 
this really is a no-brainer…

If you want to “crack the code” to consistent high-ticket sales AND feel confident doing it, this really is a no-brainer…

You know you want to grow your online coaching business…

You know you need a better marketing and sales strategy to support that…
And you have proof that this method works.

So whether you’re at $0 or $100,000/month…

This WORKS in coaching businesses of all different shapes and sizes, with different audiences, and different business models. 

And, this is your chance to “steal” my methodology and use my most effective strategies at a ridiculously low price. 

In other words, this is a no-brainer if you want to make waves in your space and break through to your next level of impact and income.

Ready to become unstoppable?

Who Is Niyc?

Global Super Coach, Acclaimed Speaker & Investor

Founder of Online Training Empire Unstoppable Successn

Positive Psychologist MSc BSC CTLLS IPPA & Founder of The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification

Award Winning & Best-Selling Hay House Author

Triple Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC


Niyc is on a mission to help a million people change their lives through coaching, entrepreneurship and positive psychology so they can live with more joy, personal power, and Unstoppable Success within themselves and their businesses. 

Niyc is a Brit based in Los Angeles, and proudly travels the world to speak on big stages and run her own live events. She won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Psychology Book Of The Year 2017, and Most Outstanding Positive Psychologist 2018. 

She has been appointed as a Supporting Partner at United Nations Women UK as an Ambassador for their Onebracelet campaign to end violence against women, is an active parter with Virgin Unite and has helped more than 10,000 women-led businesses create success.

Niyc has been featured in numerous mainstream media, was named as a "Legendary Entrepreneur" in Forbes, and her award-winning and best-selling book, Now Is Your Chance, is a 30-Day Guide To Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology, is published by the world's largest mind, body and spirit publisher, Hay House. She is now working on her second title, a book about suicide prevention. 


Is this a live workshop?

This is NOT a live workshop. After hosting the live version and seeing the results it helped create for the women who attended, I decided to open up the recording so that more women could benefit from the methodology at their own pace! I get asked for this workshop ALL of the time, and our students create BIG breakthroughs just from this workshop alone. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! I want you to feel Unstoppable after watching this workshop — and if you don't, send me an email at support@unstoppablesuccess.com for 100% of your money back within the first 30 days of your purchase

How long is each day’s training?

This is the most comprehensive training workshop I’ve ever led in my 10 years+ as a coach. In my webinars, challenges and workshops in the past I’ve taught tips and points to support you - this time we are going in deep with teaching you my entire methodology. I recommend you spend around 2 hours on each module. If you want to go faster and binge watch the entire workshop all at once, that's okay too! 

I'm already at millions+ in my business... Is this for me?

Yes. We have lots of million dollar earners signed up for the workshop already! I've worked with lots of multiple million business owners to implement my methodology and strategies into their business. My clients regularly double their million dollar businesses within a few months of us working together. My own mindset is always that of a student - I'm always open and ready to learn. At the higher levels it only takes one tiny thing to make a huge difference in your business. 

I'm at the hundreds of thousands mark in my business... Is this for me? 

Yes. This methodology is going to help you scale your business from the hundred thousand or multi hundreds of thousands mark to accelerate to your million dollar+ business. I did this back in 2016/17 and have helped so many other women coaches do this too. 

I'm just starting out... Is this for me? 

Yes. This methodology is going to help you scale. This methodology transcends the stage of business you’re at. It can help you see the path up ahead when you are just starting out, and can help you grow and scale when you are already on your way. I usually reserve teaching my methodology for my high level clients within programs - but for the first time ever I'm teaching it here within the workshop so I can help as many people as possible during these times. 

I've got another question - where should I ask it? 

Follow me on Instagram and send me a DM there - I love hanging out on IG and it's my favourite place to chat with you! I'm @niycpidge 
Earnings and income representations made by Niyc Pidgeon, and their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings’ potential. The success of Niyc Pidgeon, testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying Niyc Pidgeon’s programs, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors.

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